Monday, Jan.25/16


Daily reflections: Monday: January 25: 16


Gospel Mark 16:15... Jesus has surely but slowly gathering a following of men and women who are willing to commit their lives to him and do his mission. Jesus wants to introduce them now actually going for out to people and talking to them. Jesus said to the 11 “go into all the world and  proclaim the good news to the whole creation”. I wonder what the good news would be, and I think it might be a good news that God is with the people, and each one is his beloved, that each person is loved unconditionally no matter what, that God is not a judge nor punative, that there is no requirement needed in order to experience God\'s unconditional love, that all people are created equal and there is no exclusion and no discrimination, there is no racism or sexism, that the human race is one great family and our call to practice justice and compassion and by so doing to live at peace.  


Reflection: what is the good news for you?


Prayer: God of love, Jesus brought a much-needed good news to the world of his time. Today, God desires that all know the good news that we proclaimed. In return for knowing the good news Jesus wants his disciples today, his friends, to tell people the good news that we have learned from Jesus. Amen