Friday, Jan.22/16


Daily reflections: Friday: January 22: 16


Gospel: Mark 3:13... Mark writes that Jesus took a group of men whom he would appoint as apostles. Mark gives a complete list of the 12 men who would be the cornerstone of the future ministry and to carry on the work of Jesus. He sent them out to begin their ministry of preaching, and the authority to cast out demons. The point Mark wants to make it not only that Jesus called the 12 apostles but that they were being empowered by the Spirit to do the same work Jesus was doing, to do God\'s work amongst the people. This means that the close friends of Jesus would commit themselves to him and to his mission. Also, these 12 men set the example for people who follow after them, down from generation after generation, even to our own day. Today we understand that everyone is a Spirit person, called and sent, some take up the challenge many others do not.


Reflection: as a Spirit person do you have a sense of being called and sent ?


Prayer: tonight I remember that I am a Spirit person called and sent to do God\'s work. You are a Spirit person called and sent to do God\'s work, to serve the people of God. May the Spirit within our heart give us a passion, a fire, that  inspire us to answer the call. Amen