Thursday, Jan.21/16


Daily reflections: Thursday: January 20/16


Gospel: Mark 3:7... Mark Jesus leaving the town and a large crowd from Galilee followed him. Soon, many people from the various towns and villages around all came flocking to be with Jesus and to hear his message. In this Gospel Jesus preaches his message by healing the sick and by so doing he gives the example of God\'s unconditional love especially for the sick and the marginalized. There\'s a saying that actions speak louder than words and the actions of Jesus showed the people that God  was with them, out of God\'s great love for them is desire to alleviate their suffering. We learn from this that the church, which is the body of Christ, should be actively lifting the burdens and healing the suffering of people. The work of Jesus is meant to be the work of the church.


Reflection: how has someone lifted your burden or brought you healing?


Prayer: Jesus, it\'s clear that your actions louder than words and that you preached to the people by your actions. I pray that I too will preached by my actions in order to convince people God\'s love for them in his capacity to lift their burdens bring them healing. Amen