Weds. Jan.20/16


Daily reflections: Wednesday: January 20/16


Gospel: Mark 3:1... we see Jesus in the synagogue and the men with the weather approaches Jesus looking for a healing, and this is the Sabbath. The Pharisees are watching Jesus said he would obey the Sabbath rest or would be healed a man. Jesus asked the Pharisees what they do? Then we read that Jesus, “look around at them with anger “. It seems that Jesus was so upset by their hypocrisy and the refusal to help a man in distress he became angry. Many people think that Jesus didn\'t feel he was just like we do and he would become angry at injustice and lack of compassion or the sign of a hard heart.


Reflection: are you surprised that Jesus became angry?


Prayer: Jesus, you were very human just like us and in the face of hardheartedness and the lack of compassion you experienced anger and you are not afraid to show it. Sometimes, believers have the idea that is always a sin to become angry and showing, not so. Amen