Tuesday, Jan. 19/16


Daily reflections: Tuesday: January 19: 16


Gospel Mark 2:23... when the Pharisees complained to Jesus but harvesting food on the Sabbath he said to them “the Sabbath was made for people and not people for the Sabbath “. Jesus was telling the Pharisees that their legalism was wrong, that the idea of the Sabbath rest was important, however, there are times when a person follows her conscience gives them permission to override a rule for the good of themselves or for the good of others. We still speak of Pharisees who insist on obedience to rules no matter what the situation. We know that Jesus often moved by compassion and often ministered to people even though it was against some rule of their religion. Sometimes, we may need to do the same when moved by compassion and love and following our conscience you rise above a rule in order to serve the people of God.


Reflection: do you approve of the way of Jesus?


Prayer: God of love, Jesus shows us there is a time for obeying the rules and there are times to override the rules motivated by of love and compassion and for the good of some person or persons. I pray for the wisdom and the courage to so act when faced with the dilemma of obeying or overriding a rule. Amen