Monday, Jan. 18/16


     Daily reflection: Monday, January 18/16


Gospel: Mark 2:18... in this Gospel Jesus gives a wisdom teaching which is very appropriate for Christians are going through a transition from the traditional to the new story. First, Jesus tells them that no one puts new wine into an old wineskin, rather, one puts new wine into new wineskin. What is the new wine for us today? I would suggest that the new one is our new faith story which begins with the universe story, the story of the cosmos, the knowledge that comes from us by way of sciences, and blending in with this new story what we know from tradition and are all living experience. Today, people are critical thinkers and they claim the right to think for themselves and not simply be told what they are too believe. Many adults see that the traditional story is no longer convincing and there is a need for a new story that is convincing and makes sense in the 21st century. The new story is the wine and the new wineskin is a manner in which this is communicated to the people of God.


Reflection: as a critical thinker how do you shape your belief system?


Prayer: Jesus you were a wonderful teacher whose manner of teaching was the use of story. I pray that believers will craft a new story which will persuade people to renew their faith and deepen their relationship with God and the people of God. Amen