Thursday Jan.14/16


Daily reflections: Thursday, January 14/16


Gospel Mark 1:40... Mark gives us a story of the healing of the leper, when a leper was healed he got his life back... he could return to the community, he would be reunited with his family, he would be able to get his job back and support his family and now he could live a normal life. Naturally he is overjoyed. Jesus tells him to tell no one of his healing. However, is overjoyed and cannot contain his joy. We read”the man began to proclaim and to spread the word that Jesus is no longer go into a town openly”. This is a story of evangelization and it shows how by talking about the good of Jesus and his love and power to heal makes Jesus well know. We need this today. That people who have been touched and restored to life give thanks to God and tell their story to their family and friends.


Reflection;  has someone story inspired you to believe more deeply in God\'s love for you?


Prayer: Jesus, the healer, people spread the good news by telling their story of your love and power. By the grace of God, I will have the grace and the strength to tell my story of your love and action in my life. Amen