Tuesday, Jan.12/16


Daily Reflection: Tuesday: January 12/16


Gospel: : Mark 1:21........in todays gospel we meet Jesus the teacher who manifested a new way of being a teacher. For the people of the day their teachers never spoke their own truth , or what they believed, of what truth of their own that they were living by each day. When their teacher taught they always referenced some other rabbi or famous teacher of the day, it is what we call dropping names as authority  to give credence to their words, words which were not their own.. We read that, “ the people were astounded , for he taught them  as one having authority, and not like the scribes”. This tells us that Jesus would say, this is what I know, this is what God has revealed to me, I know that this is true, I speak to you from the heart and I don’t quote others for authority...God is my authority.


Reflection:  do you  see the power of your words when you say, this is what I knw?


Prayer: Jesus the Teacher ,as a teacher you spoke the truth with power and conviction and with your own authority .It took great courage. I pray for the grace to speak my truth without fear and with courage. Amen