Monday, Jan. 11/16


Daily reflections: Monday: January 11/16


Gospel: Mark 1:14... when Jesus returned from the desert he began his teaching ministry, we read,”that kingdom of God has come near ,repent, and believe in the good new”. We often use the words good news that Jesus proclaimed to the people. The question is, what was and is the good news? As I read the Gospels I see the following good news, first, that God is with those dwelling in our hearts, we live in God and God lives in us, secondly, that God loves us unconditionally and nothing can ever separate us from the love of God, God does not see people were sinners are better people of all people are beloved of God and God makes no distinction between people, God is merciful and does not judge or punish, the good news that we live in God and live in heaven now, the good news that we are one human family on planet Earth are called to love one another, the good that mother Earth will provide all of the people with enough food each day of their life. I find all of this truly good news for the people of 2000 years ago and for all of the people today.


Reflection: do you see all of this as good news?


Prayer: Jesus, you were a good news messenger to the people of your time and your message has persevered down through the ages even to now. I pray that the good news will be a life transforming and freeing power in my life and the lives of all people. Amen