Friday, Jan.8/16


Daily Reflection: Friday, Jan.8/16


Gospel: Luke the days of Jesus leprosy was a terrible disease and a leper was forbidden to live in the town and it was against the law for a person to touch a leper.As Jesus walked along a leper dared to approach him and ask for healing. Then Jesus reached out his hand and touched  him, some thing a healthy person would not do and said, “be made clean” and the leper is healed. What strikes me here is that Jesus touched the untouchables of his time. Do we have untouchables in our time and city? Who might they be?  The great unwashed, the homeless, the alcoholic, the drug addict, the gay and lesbians and transgender? The criminal? The real question is do we avoid such people? Do we choose not to touch them? Do we choose to judge and condemn them? Jesus and Francis embraced the leper and have shown us the way. Today, I see so many people moved with compassion are out on the street , in our community,,ministrying to all these people, they are doing God very well. Love triumphs!


Reflection:  do you see some of the people embracing the leper in our community?


Prayer: God of compassion, Jesus has shown the way to touch the untouchables and to do so with grace and love. May I, and people everywhere ,follow the example of Jesus and Frances. Amen