Weds. Jan.6/16


Daily reflections: January 6/16: Wednesday


Gospel of Mark 6:45...the disciples had just seen Jesus feed the 5,000 and they did not understand. Now they are in a boat on the lake and Jesus comes walking on the water and it seems that he will pass them by, they called out  and Jesus got into the boat. The storm ceased and they felt safe. Again they did not understand but their hearts were hardened.What does it mean that their hearts were hardened? What does it mean today when people’s hearts are hardened? Or the better question how do people move from a hear heart to a heart of flesh, Jesus said I will take away their heart of stone and give my people a heart of flesh It seems that if a willingness to have a new heart, to be desirous of a new heart and then the grace of God will do the rest. One begins to life as if they have a heart of flesh,compassion, and next is prayer especially meditation


Reflectlion: how did you grow  a heart of flesh, kindness and compassion?


Prayer: Jesus it is clear that you grew a heart of flesh and we see that in the love and compassion that you showed in your ministry. I find that meditating on you story helps me to grow a heart of flesh. Amen