Tuesday, Jan.4/16


Daily reflections: Tuesday, January 5/16


Gospel Mark 6:34... we read that Jesus had been teaching the people for many hours and now it was dinner time. The disciples told Jesus that the people were hungry and there was not enough for them. Jesus told the disciples to feed the people they said we don\'t know how. Jesus asked the disciples how much food they had they replied they had fiveloaves and two fish, not enough. Jesus told the people to sit down, he took loaves and fish, prayed over them, and then distributed them to the people. We ate and had their fill and food was left over. This is a powerful story, Jesus feeding the people. There were hungry people at the time of Jesus and moved by compassion Jesus fed them. There are many hungry people today in our city and in the world and I see the message here is that we are friends of Jesus are called to imitate Jesus and feed the hungry


Reflect: do you see your church as a feeding church?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you taught both by word and example and in this story teach by example, you found a way to feed the hungry. I understand by this story that we the friends of Jesus, we the church, are called and sent to feed the hungry in our city today. Amen