Monday Jan. 4/16


Daily reflections: Monday: January 4/16


Gospel: Matthew 4:12... in this gospel Matthew has Jesus beginning his public ministry and clearly the message he was giving them was giving them hope because we read that any people came for many different parts of the country to hear him. Things have been very static in the religion of the day and season was about to shake it up because his message with her most of the religion upside down and inside out. Jesus said to them, “repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near”. Unfortunately, in Christianity at large repent had the idea that she was talking to a bunch of bad people, to sinners, and not the word to repent of their sins and give their life in order. Not so. At that time the word repent change your mind and open your heart to live a new reality, the kingdom of God, which is love in all its aspects. In the beginning, the crowd seemed interested in changing their mind and going with a new interpretation of God\'s presence at God\'s unconditional love for them. However, later on they began to realize that this was easier said than done. In many instances the crowd turned against them and would kill him.


Reflection: can you remember when you change your mind about God... about something in your religion... in the way you look at life?


Prayer: Lord, I know there is a lot of fear when we are faced with change in there is real resistance to changing our mind and the way we see life. I also know, Lord, that I must not let fear stand in the way of life growth and transformation. Amen