Daily Reflections By Father Leo Coughlin

Daily reflections: Wednesday: March 9/16


Gospel: John  5/16... Jesus has been cheering people on the Sabbath and of course this is very wrong in the eyes of the Jewish leaders and so they questioned Jesus and become so angry that they want to kill him. Jesus Christ to teach them that he has a relationship with God is like a son with the father and so when he calls God as father is saying that we have a great and deep relationship that powers me to heal. He does admit, “I can do nothing on my own,. because I seek to do not own will but the will of him who sent me”. The religious leaders were not able to understand Jesus relationship with God and God with you. You could not understand that Jesus was the spirit person that his body was a temple of the Holy Spirit and it was the Holy Spirit who may Jesus so powerful that compassion and kind for those who suffer.


Reflection: Jesus made it very clear that he relied on God to enable him to do God\'s will... you have that same attitude?


Prayer: Jesus, you knew that you had a beautiful and loving relation to God who dwelled within you, in your heart and your soul. I pray that I will become aware and awake the Spirit within me which will empower me to do the work of God. Amen



2016-03-07Tuesday, March 8/16
2016-03-05Monday, March 7/16
2016-03-03Friday, March 4/16
2016-02-29Tues. March 1/16
2016-02-28Monday, Feb.29/16
2016-02-25Friday, Feb. 26/16
2016-02-24Thursday, Feb.25/16
2016-02-23Weds. Feb.24/16
2016-02-22Tuesday, Feb.23/16
2016-02-21Mon Feb.22/16
2016-02-18Friday, Feb.19/16
2016-02-17Thursday, Feb.18/16
2016-02-16Weds. Feb 17/16
2016-02-15Tues. Feb.16/16
2016-02-14Mon. Feb.15/16
2016-02-11Friday, Feb.12/16
2016-02-10Thurs., Feb.12/16
2016-02-09Weds. Feb. 10/16
2016-02-08Tues. Feb.9/16
2016-02-07Mon. Feb.8/16
2016-02-04Friday, Feb.8/16
2016-02-03Thursday, Feb.7/16
2016-02-02Weds. Feb.4/16
2016-01-31Monday, Feb.1/16
2016-01-28Friday, Jan.29/15
2016-01-26Weds. Jan.27/16
2016-01-25Tuesday, Jan.26/16
2016-01-24Monday, Jan.25/16
2016-01-21Friday, Jan.22/16
2016-01-20Thursday, Jan.21/16
2016-01-19Weds. Jan.20/16
2016-01-18Tuesday, Jan. 19/16
2016-01-17Monday, Jan. 18/16
2016-01-13Thursday Jan.14/16
2016-01-12Wednesday Jan.13/16
2016-01-11Tuesday, Jan.12/16
2016-01-10Monday, Jan. 11/16
2016-01-07Friday, Jan.8/16
2016-01-06Thursday Jan.6/16
2016-01-05Weds. Jan.6/16
2016-01-04Tuesday, Jan.4/16
2016-01-03Monday Jan. 4/16
2015-12-30A New Year Prayer For You
2015-12-22Weds. Dec. 23/15
2015-12-21Tuesday, Dec 22/15
2015-12-20Monday Dec.21/15
2015-12-17Fri. Dec.18/15
2015-12-16Thurs. Dec.17/15
2015-12-15Weds. Dec.23/15
2015-12-14Tues. Dec.22/15
2015-12-10Friday, Dec.18/15
2015-12-09Thurs. Dec.10/15
2015-12-08Weds. Dec.9/a5
2015-12-08Weds. Dec.9/15
2015-12-08Weds. Dec.9/15
2015-12-07Tues. Dec.8/15
2015-12-06Monday, Dec.7/15
2015-12-03Friday, Dec. 4/15
2015-12-02Thursday, Dec.3/15
2015-11-30Tuesday, Dec.1/15
2015-11-29Mon. Nov.30/15
2015-11-26Fri. Nov.27/15
2015-11-25Thurs. Nov. 26/15
2015-11-24Weds. Nov 25/15
2015-11-23Tues. Nov.24/15
2015-11-21Mon. Nov.23/15
2015-11-12Fri. Nov.13/15
2015-11-10Weds. Nov. 11/15
2015-11-09Tues. Nov. 10/15
2015-11-08Mon. Nov.8/15
2015-11-05fri. Nov.6/15
2015-11-04Thus. Nov.5/15
2015-11-03Weds. Nov.4/15
2015-10-31All Souls Day Nov.1/15
2015-10-29Fri. Oct.30/15
2015-10-28Thurs. Oct.29/15
2015-10-27Weds. Oct.28/15
2015-10-26Tues. Oct. 26/15
2015-10-22Fri. Oct.23/15
2015-10-21Thurs. Oct.22/15
2015-10-20Weds., Oct.21/15
2015-10-15Fri. Oct. 16/15
2015-10-14Thurs. Oct. 15/15
2015-10-13Weds. Oct.14/15
2015-10-12Tues. Oct.13/15
2015-10-09Mon. Oct. 11/15
2015-10-09Mon. Oct. 12/15
2015-10-08Fri. Oct. 9/15
2015-10-07Thurs. Oct 8/15
2015-10-06Weds. Oct.7/15
2015-10-05Tues. Oct.6/15
2015-10-01Fri. Oct.2/15
2015-09-30Thurs. Oct.1/15
2015-09-29Weds. Sept.30/15
2015-09-25Mon. Sept.28/15
2015-09-24Fri. Sept. 25/15
2015-09-23Thurs Dept.24
2015-09-22Weds. Sept.23/15
2015-09-17Fri. Sept.18/15
2015-09-16Thurs. Sept.17/15
2015-09-15Weds. Sept.16/15
2015-09-14Tues. Sept.15/15
2015-09-10Fri. Sept.11/15
2015-09-09Thus. Sept.10/15
2015-09-08Sept. 9/15
2015-09-07Tues. Sept.8/15
2015-09-05Mon. Sept. 7/15
2015-09-02Thurs. Sept. 3/15
2015-09-01Sept. 2/15
2015-08-31Tues. Sept. 2/15
2015-08-27Fri. Aug.28/15
2015-08-26Thurs. Aug. 27/15
2015-08-25Weds Aug.26/15
2015-08-24Tues. Aug.25/15
2015-08-20Fri. Aug.21/15
2015-08-19Thurs. Aug.20/15
2015-08-17Tues. Aug.18/15
2015-08-13Fri. Aug.14/15
2015-08-12Thurs. Aug. 13/15
2015-08-11Weds. Aug. 12/15
2015-08-08Monday, Aug.10/15
2015-08-06Fri. Aug.7/15
2015-08-05Thurs. Aug.6/15
2015-08-04Weds. July 5/15
2015-08-03Tues. Aug. 3/15
2015-08-01Mon. Aug. 3/15
2015-07-30Friday July 31/15
2015-07-29Thus. July 30/15
2015-07-27Tues. July 28/15
2015-07-25Mon. July 27/15
2015-07-23Fri. July 24/15
2015-07-22Thurs. July 23/15
2015-07-21Weds. July 22/15
2015-07-20Tues. July 20/15
2015-07-18Mon. July 20/15
2015-07-16Fri. July 17/15
2015-07-15Thurs. July 16/15
2015-07-14Weds. July 15/15
2015-07-13Tues. July 14/15
2015-07-11Mon. July `10/15
2015-07-09Fri. July 10/15
2015-07-08Thurs. July 10/15
2015-07-06Tues. July 7/15
2015-07-02Fri. July 3/15
2015-07-01Thurs. July 2/15
2015-06-30Weds. July 1/15 Canada Day
2015-06-30Tues. June 30/15
2015-06-27Mon. June 29/15
2015-06-25Fri. June 26/15
2015-06-24Thurs. June 25/15
2015-06-23Weds. June 24/15
2015-06-22Tues. June 23/15
2015-06-21Mon. June 22/15
2015-06-18Fri. June 19/15
2015-06-17Thurs. June 18/15
2015-06-16Weds. June 17/15
2015-06-15Tuesday, June 16/15
2015-06-14June 15/15 Monday
2015-06-11Friday, June 12/15
2015-06-10Thursday, June 11/15
2015-06-09Weds. June 10/15
2015-06-08Tuesday, June 9/15
2015-06-06Monday, June 8/15
2015-06-03Thursday, June 3/15
2015-06-02Weds. June 3/15
2015-06-01Tues. July 2/15
2015-05-28Friday, May 29/15
2015-05-27Thursday, May 28/15
2015-05-26Weds. May 27/15
2015-05-25Tuesday,May 25/15
2015-05-24Monday May 25/15
2015-05-24May monday
2015-05-21Friday, May 22/15
2015-05-20Thursday, May 21/15
2015-05-19Weds. May 20/15
2015-05-18Tuesday, May19/15
2015-05-13Thuresday, May 14/15
2015-05-12Weds. May 13
2015-05-09May 11/15 Monday
2015-05-06Thursday, May 7/15
2015-05-05Weds., May v6/15
2015-04-30Friday, May 1/15
2015-04-28Weds. April 29/15
2015-04-27Tuesday, April 27/15
2015-04-25Monday, April 27/15
2015-04-23Friday, April 24/15
2015-04-22Thursday, April 23/15
2015-04-21Weds., April 22/15
2015-04-20Monday,April 20/15
2015-04-18Monday, April 20/15
2015-04-16Friday April 17/15
2015-04-15Thursday, April 16/15
2015-04-13Tues. April 14/15
2015-04-12Monday, April 13/15
2015-04-09Friday, April 10/15
2015-03-28Monday, March 30/15
2015-03-26Friday, March 27/15
2015-03-25Thurs. March 26/15
2015-03-24Weds. March 25/15
2015-03-23Tues. March 24/15
2015-03-21Monday Mar.23/1`5
2015-03-19Friday, Mar.20/15
2015-03-14Monday, March 16/15
2015-03-12Friday, March 13/15
2015-03-11Thursday. March 12/15
2015-03-10Weds., Mar.11/15
2015-03-07Monday, March 9/15
2015-03-05Friday, March 6/15
2015-03-04Thursday, March 5/15
2015-03-03Weds.March 4/15
2015-03-02March 3/15 Tuesday
2015-02-28Monday, March 2/15
2015-02-26Friday, Feb. 27/15
2015-02-25Thursday, Feb 26/15
2015-02-24 Weds. Feb.25/15
2015-02-23Tues. Feb. 23/15
2015-02-21Monday, Feb.23/15
2015-02-19Friday, Feb.20/15
2015-02-18Thurs. Feb.19/15
2015-02-17Ash Weds. Feb.18/15
2015-02-16Tuesday, Feb.17/15
2015-02-14Monday, Feb.16/15
2015-02-12Friday Feb.13/15
2015-02-11Thurs. Feb.12/15
2015-02-10Weds. Feb. 11/15
2015-02-07Monday, Feb.9/15
2015-02-05Friday, Feb.6/15
2015-02-04thurs. Feb.5/15
2015-01-31Monday, Feb.2/15
2015-01-29Friday, Jan.30/15
2015-01-28Thursday, Jan.29/15
2015-01-27Weds. Jan.28/15
2015-01-26Tues. Jan.27/15
2015-01-24Mon. Jan.26/15
2015-01-22Fri. Jan.23/15
2015-01-21Thurs. Jan.22/15
2015-01-20Weds. Jan.21/15
2015-01-17Monday, Jan.19/15
2015-01-15Friday, Jan.16/15
2015-01-14Thurs, Jan. 15/15
2015-01-13Weds., Jan.14/15
2015-01-12Tues., Jan.13/15
2015-01-10Monday, Jan.12/15
2015-01-08Friday, Jan.9/15
2015-01-07Thursday, Jan.8/15
2015-01-06Weds. Jan.7/15
2015-01-05Tues. Jan.6/15
2015-01-04Monday, Jan.5/15
2014-12-23Weds, Dec.23/14
2014-12-20Monday, Dec.22/14
2014-12-18Fri. Dec.19/14
2014-12-17Thurs, Dec.18/14
2014-12-16Weds. Dec.17/14
2014-12-15Tues. Dec.16/14
2014-12-13Monday, Dec.15/14
2014-12-11Fri. Dec.12/14
2014-12-10Thurs; Dec.11/14.
2014-12-09Weds. Dec.10/14
2014-12-08Tues. Dec.9/14
2014-12-06Monday, Dec.8/14
2014-12-04Friday, Dec.5/14
2014-12-03Thursday, Dec.4/14
2014-12-02Weds. Dec.3/14
2014-12-01Weds. Dec 2/14
2014-11-29Monday, Dec.1/14
2014-11-27Friday, Nov.28/14
2014-11-26Thursday, Nov.27/14
2014-11-25Weds. Nov.26/14
2014-11-24Tuesday, Nov.25/14
2014-11-22Nov.24/14 sacrificail giving
2014-11-20Friday, Nov.21/14
2014-11-19Thurs. Nov.20/14
2014-11-18Wednesday, Nov.19/14
2014-11-17Tuesday, Nov.17/14
2014-11-15Monday, Nov.17/14
2014-11-14Nov.14/14 Friday
2014-11-12Thursday Nov.13/14
2014-11-11Nov.12/14 Weds.
2014-11-10Nov. 11/14 Remembrance Day
2014-11-08Monday, Nov.10/14
2014-11-06Nov.7/14 Friday
2014-11-04Nov. 5/14 Wedsnesday
2014-11-03Nov. 4/14 Tuesday
2014-11-01Monday, Nov.3/14
2014-10-30Oct.31, Friday
2014-10-28Weds., Oct.29/14
2014-10-27Tuesday, Oct.27/14
2014-10-25Monday, Oct.27/14
2014-10-22Oct. 22/14
2014-10-21Oct. 22/14
2014-10-20Tuesday, Oct.21/14
2014-10-15Oct. 16/14
2014-10-14Oct. 15/14
2014-10-11Monday, Oct.13/14
2014-10-08Oct. 9/14
2014-10-06Oct.7/14 Monkey Mind
2014-10-05Oct.6/14 salvation?
2014-10-02Oct.3/14 Friday you are the voice of God
2014-10-01Thurs.; Oct.2/14 a need to feel important
2014-09-30Oct.1/14 , Weds. excuses
2014-09-29Tuesday, Sept.30/14 watch out for anger
2014-09-27Mon. Sept. 29/14 no deceit
2014-09-25Sept.26/14 deepen one\'s relationship with God
2014-09-24Thurs. Sept.25/14 seek Jesus
2014-09-23Sept. 24/14 Weds. bearer of Good News
2014-09-23Sept.24/14 Weds. bearerof
2014-09-22Sept.23/14 a heart that embraces alll
2014-09-20Mon. Sept. 22/14 to be a light
2014-09-11Fri. Sept.12/14 a log in one\'s eye
2014-09-10Sept.11/14 Thursday: love of enemy
2014-09-09Sept.10/14 attachment/unattached
2014-09-08Tues. Sept.9/14 prayer for discernment
2014-09-06break with tradiltion
2014-09-04Fri. Sept.5/14 new wine & new wineskins
2014-09-03Sept.4/14 St. Francis \"rebuild my Church\"
2014-09-02Sept. 3/14
2014-09-01Sept.2/14 speak with authority
2014-09-01Sept.2/14 speaking with authority
2014-07-05step out in faith & trust
2014-07-03you are loved and lovable
2014-07-01mental illness
2014-06-26be a good listener
2014-06-25no attachments
2014-06-24practice what you preach
2014-06-23speak out...
2014-06-18daily life
2014-06-17wrong desires
2014-06-16bridge builder
2014-06-12delusions in life
2014-06-11imitate Jesus
2014-06-10empowered by the Spirit
2014-06-09salt and light
2014-06-07Sermon on the Mount
2014-06-05feed my sheep
2014-06-04oneness and unity
2014-05-31Spirit people...we are