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27 Sun. in Ordinary Time, Oct. 8/17

The 27 Sunday in Ordinary Time; October 8/17

Gospel: Matthew 21:33 …. Here has Jesus telling a beautiful story which he learned from nature, the hardest, when the fruits of the earth are gathered in and put aside for winter so that people might have enough to eat. Jesus says that tenants were put in charge of the yard and were and were to yield a rich harvest, but instead, they failed to do that and Jesus said it initiated up and produce fruit then it would be taken away from them and given to someone else. Of course the chief priests and elders knew that this parable was aimed at them, that they were not producing a rich harvest in the kingdom of God and if they did not shape and start to produce a rich harvest of goodness that God would take the kingdom away from them and give it to someone else.

The first reading today from Isaiah begins with talking about the vendor that a well-prepared for planting and harvest. However, that the air was expected to produce grapes which would make good wine, but instead introduced while grapes which are good for nothing. And we read the line, for the yard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel and the people of Judah are his pleasant planting and each next good greats like justice, nonviolence, and peace. The symbolism is very plain, the vineyard are the people of the covenant and instead of producing good works, good grapes, the produce while grapes, that is unjust behavior.

The Gospel uses the metaphor of the vineyard for the people of the covenant. A landowner of coarse is a reference to God, the tenants of other people of God, the people of the covenant, who was Moses and Abraham, promise to be true to the covenant and produce good works, that is, justice, love, and peace. There is the reference to the reference to the harvest, again, the harvest their things like justice, inclusivity, compassion, strong life-giving community, non-violence and peace. The tenets fail the test and Jesus tells them since they have failed test and being yard will be taken away from them and given to someone else who will produce a genuine harvest of good works. Matthew makes it very clear that they're being yard is the kingdom of God that in the kingdom of God always been provided for the people, God's presence, God's unconditional love, a covenant with God, period

I think we can read something in this story that describes much of what is happening today in religion, especially our own. The story is telling us that God has provided for us everything we need it because we are blind we don't see it. I read a story this week about people gathered in a room and the speaker said to them I want you all to come in the room, the people at them and said we are already in the room. Then the speaker said to them, it's like that with the kingdom of God, or the kingdom of heaven, we are all in the kingdom but we don't see it and therefore what we need to do is to grow and experience its transformation, to experience a raised consciousness, to have new eyes to see with, to become aware of what is really in front of us that we do not see because we are blind. At the same time, my people who are in the room and can't see it, so many living in the kingdom of heaven simply can't see it because they lack awareness, they lack of level of consciousness which they need, and so they are unable to see the presence of God in all of creation not just in people but in all living creatures and nature in itself. Because people cannot see it we see how the environment as becoming polluted and sick and a sick earth produces sick people, this may be one of the big factors in the rash of cancers that we are experiencing in our world. If this is so, and I think it is, then Cancer research has to include the environment and nature. We need to be able to see that a healthy earth will produce healthy people. It seems that many people in authority are blind to the impact that a sick earth as upon the people and other species which are experiencing illness and death. The message then is very clear, it's all there, everything we need for living, there is abundance and generosity, it's all there, but the Scripture stories of the day teaching is very clearly that if there's going to be a heartless of peace love and joy, the fruits of the Spirit as outlined in Galatians and it'll only happen when people wake up, when there is a raised consciousness, when people get new eyes, and now able to see they're able to act and produce the fruits of the Spirit.