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the 26 Sun. Ordinary Time, Oct. 1/17

26 Sunday in Ordinary Time: October 1/17

Gospel: Matthew 21:28…. once more this Gospel is about the king did not have and what it looks like for people to live in the kingdom of heaven as kingdom of heaven people. There is a radical element to this Gospel just as there is to be a radical way in which Christians live their lives. First, it's the story of a son who said yes to his father but did not follow through on it. Secondy, is the story of his son who said no but they teach is mine and obeyed his father. Then Jesus tells the people that prostitutes and thieves are going into the kingdom of God and of ordinary people.

The teaching of Jesus here tells us that life is filled with pollarities, that is, in/out, fair/ unfair, fear/love, justice/injustice, right/wrong and so it goes pollarities the after polarities and says this is reality the question is how do we live with pollarities, with ambiguity,. In our culture there is a great deal of dualistic thinking... now doulastic thinking results on people of seeing reality in terms of either/or... is there a person's good or bad, either a person's right or wrong, either on behavior is right or wrong etc. and as a result of dualistic thinking a will come down on one side or the other, so that one side is included and the other side is excluded and when this happens to people who are affected with dualistic thinking it creates separation... separation from God, separation from other people, separation from all of creation, dualistic thinking is the inability to see reality as it really is and as a result you get into people who are costly and conflict, people who are Judge mental, people who are very rigid and unbending in their thinking.

As followers of Jesus we speak about growth and transformation, the raising of consciousness, and by the raising of consciousness a person, people, are able to move from dualistic thinking to non-dualistic thinking which makes all the difference in the world on how they see reality and how will it. People with dualistic thinking, and seeing, are often living a life of illusion because they fashion their old reality which is false, and then get out of their delusions which often causes them distress, stress, and pain. They didn't project this delusions onto other people and on their delusions they make separation and judgment. They see life as either/or, and life is simply not like that at all.

Non-dualistic thinking enables a person to live with ambiguity and polarity and to live a life that sees reality for a lot of it is and they be comfortable with that reality, there is no need for delusions or delusional thinking, there is no need to separate from God, from other people, from creation. Not dualistic thinking is a unifying way of seeing life and seeing-a unit of way brings people into a deep relationship with God, with other people, and with all of creation. When Jesus speaks of the prostitutes and the thieves entering the key to happen before the good people it was because of their suffering, the difficulty they had been living life, the uncertainties they had to deal with, all of it together, and enable them to see, to be aware, to be enlightened, to mature, we were living without any delusions about life and reality because for them life was hard and difficult.

The world in which we live is aflicted in a very serious way due to dualistic thinking. We seem to send them governments of the world where they threaten one another with bombing their great cities, we see this in the world in their rejection of immigrants and refugees, we see the addiction to drugs and alcohol, we see it where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, we see it when governments and act laws which favor one group of people and hardship for the others, we see it in church where there are the so-called good people and bad people, those who obey the rules and those who disobey the rules are Judged, there are so many ways in which dualistic thinking creates separation of one from one, one part of a country from the other, one country from other countries of the world, it falls on us as followers of Jesus to cultivate spiritual practices that helps us put on the mind of Jesus for unity and peace, as followers of Jesus to create in our mind and heart, in our conscience and attitude of unity and peace which flows from non-dualistic thinking and in so doing we are then putting on the mind of Christ which is what St. Paul taught early Christians and tells us today in the Gospel from Matthew.