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25 Sunday, Sept.24/17

The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time: September 24/17

Gospel: Matthew 20:1... today's gospel is about the kingdom of heaven where Jesus talks about how things are when people live as kingdom of God people. Last week, Matthew calls a king ruling in the kingdom of heaven, in today's Gospel is a landowner who rules in the kingdom of heaven. Today's story is about a landowner who paid the same salary to the person and work only for one hour in the vinyard and the complaints of those who work all day because he received that same salary. In this story, Jesus recognizes social justice, the man who work for only one hour needed as much money as the one who worked all day, is living expenses were the same.

When we read the Gospels we find that Jesus constantly made reference to the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven and the idea is strong that the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God are here on earth and the big problem is that people are unable to see this. Jesus talked about the leaders of his day, refer to them as the blind leading the blind, the reason for this was that even the religious leaders were unable to see the existence of the kingdom that of heaven that Jesus said was in their midst. Jesus said the reason they did not see the kingdom of heaven was that they were too immature and were up in their own selfish ways.

Just as was a great teacher of the way of God in a way that people of God would have a vision on how to live their life to the best. The word God... means different things to different people, and even to different relations. The best definition I have ever received about the meaning of the word God is the following, “God is the source and the substance of all that is”. This one line helps me to understand in a deeper way the idea that God became human, and not only human but all of creation there's something of the spark of God, the divinity in that matter and so we can say all substance is divine. This goes against the dualism which separates gone from people and people from people and people from creation. That separation, either/or thinking results in tribalism, inferior/superior, rich/poor, good/bad, right/wrong... and so it goes, dualism is a way of looking at reality which separates people from God, people from people, people from the rest of creation. Now, Jesus talked people very clearly that they handle all about their minds and hearts and move from the dualism, which separates, to an awareness, to Enlightenment, to see with the eyes of the heart and when one sees with the eyes of a heart, all is one there is no separation. For this transition to happen in our life, this maturity of thinking, is called the raising of consciousness and when there is a raising of consciousness a person is able to see that all is one, there is no separation.

The kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God, to terms for the same experience and when we are able to really see, or be aware, that we have experienced growth in the raising of her consciousness we are then able to recognize our divinity, two oldest, to take responsibility for it, and live it. When this happens then the kingdom of God is happening in our midst, the kingdom of heaven is happening in our midst, which is exactly what Jesus said would happen. When this happens, the raising of consciousness, the new awareness, we are able to see what is, that all is one, that there is no separation, can you imagine the kind of a world we would be living in his people had the raising of consciousness and were able to see the true reality of oneness and unity. There would be an end of violence and war, there would be an end to poverty and oppression, there will be an end to racism and sexism, there would be an end to the rich versus the poor, and so it will go on and on. The challenge facing Christians today is to recognize the need to grow and mature, and need to grow and raise their consciousness so that they are able to see with the eyes of their heart that all is one and there is to be no separation between God and people, between people and people, between people and all of creation, because the reality is all is one, and when we have that level of awareness, of Enlightenment, of new eyes we then are able to see the oneness and seeing the oneness we are able to live in a world of justice and peace.