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22 Sun. Ordinary Time, Sept.3/17

The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: September 3/17

The first reading today is from Jeremiah the prophet.. There is self disclosure in his writing because he points out he is no different now than he used to be. What makes the difference is that he has been seduced by God are as our version has a common God has enticed him, the older version of this Scripture use the word seduced because it is much more powerful and hooks into our imagination, and of course as very righteous people so often we translate the words seduced as meaning something sexual... not sold here. When Jeremiah writes that he has been seduced by God he is sort of fulfilling the words of saving custom who said about God and the person, “our hearts remain for your O Lord and they will not rest till they rest in you”. It's a sense that in many and very assuage, though we experience life, to the point that we are open and receptive to the spirit of God being welcomed into our heart. Jeremiah goes on to say, “I was seduced”which means he is now a God person, that the old way of life as then get up and he is a different and new kind of person and as a freedom to love and serve God.

As we reflect on our first parsonage and helps us to understand how we may be seduced by our culture. And when we are seduced by our culture we call it an addiction and there so many different conditions with and try to satisfy the desires of our heart and soul. A person, or people in a culture, can become addicted to work, drugs and alcohol, tv and operas, maxed out credit cards violence, popularity, or power to mention it a few. In many ways people in our culture are seduced by what advertising papers, on television, on radio, and by imitating what other people are addicted to and buy.

A long time ago, a philosopher, Plato wrote the words, “an unexamined life is a life not worth living. ”So often a person living in cultural baseline doesn't take the time around the integration to stop, to pause, and to re-ask the questions, who am I? What is life all about? What's my purpose here on planet Earth? The sole response today gives is the starting point if we are willing to examine our life from the inside out instead of the outside in. The psalmist wrote,”my soul thirst for you O Lord my God”. This is reality because when we decide to listen to that thirst for God it becomes a turning point in our life. Very often we will not stop to it examine our life but when we have a crisis in our life, be a failure, being the loss of job, overwhelmed by an addiction, and other additions, which become a crisis in our life where we have no choice but to stop and spend our efforts and discovering who we really are in the very center of our being. We have to understand that a crisis in our life really needs an opportunity, that's what a crisis, it is a message from within us or a message from the external world, tells us it's not working for us, we may be discontent, unhappy, angry and resentful, or troubled by an addiction, and in our intuition we know that life can be better. It's important to recognize the wisdom of the words from the psalm, “my soul thirst for you, O Lord”and acting on the wisdom of these words we find ways to go to where in the world and make the changes which are neither and which will flow into the external world. In this way our life then is live from the inside out and not the outside in.

When Jesus tells his disciples that he is going out gurus on and will be killed, Peter thinks this is a crazy idea, it should not be happening, it's the wrong thing to do, and Jesus says to Peter, get behind me, because Jesus realizes that Peter has not yet had a crisis in his life, he is living an unexamined life, and that he needs to grow up, to mature, to experience transformation, to face a crisis which he will do at the crucifixion of Jesus and as a result you'll look inside a result of being in there discover that he needs to take a good look at his inner world and work out being transformed and to become mature, and when this happens he will be able to look at life, at the world, and his own personal living in the living of other people with new eyes, a higher level of consciousness, awareness, and be able to make meaning and purpose in his life as a result of journey with Jesus to the cross. The death of Jesus on the cross was a crisis for Peter and he did not waste it, so we do well to knowledge any crisis in our life, not to waste it, but use it as the time and place of growth and transformation into a more humane person. That is, a very compassionate and kind human being who is on the inside out and by so doing a believer manifests the image of God to the world.