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21st Sun. Ordinary Time, August 27/17

. The 21st Sunday in ordinary Time: August 27/17

Gospel: Matthew 16:13... in today's Gospel Jesus challenges his disciples, his friends, to speak their mind from the heart. Keep in mind, that the disciples have been traveling with Jesus for some time now and then they had heard his teaching, he has seen his mighty works, and at this point we should really know who he is. Matthew has Jesus asking them, “who will be both say I am?”And he gets various answers. Then Jesus turns to Peter and says to Peter, “who do you say I am?” So today the Gospel puts the same question before you, Jesus asking you, “whom do you say I am?” This question challenges us to take a few moments of silence and ask ourselves what answer do I give for this question, who do I say Jesus is for me, or my religion, or the world?

The answer is that I get to this question would indicate in some measure my maturity, my level of consciousness, the degree of enlightenment that I am living with each day.

There are at least three levels of consciousness, of awakening, of enlightenment.

1/the first level of consciousness is me I that we mean that I am my own Trinity,” me, myself, I”. Today re people who reflect on our culture has become to categorize our times and people of our time by the word, “me-ism”. Now a person who sees the world only through their own eyes, their own limited worldview, they got the world in everything around circles around them and that they are the center of the world, everything is about them. People live a very ego centered life. As I say everything is about them, for them, and they do not really care about any other people, the problems of the world, the well-being of other people... it is all about me, myself and I and is a very low-level of awakening, maturity, and consciousness.

2/secondly, there is a second level of consciousness. When one is living with a second level of consciousness then their world has expanded a little bit beyond the me. Second-level consciousness means that the person is able to see and be aware of other people and their needs. Their world is very small, we call it tribal, that is, they see. family, the members of the religion is tribal, their vision of the world is limited to their tribe such as a community with which they live, press the people you work with. This second-level consciousness indicates some growth, some transformation, but is not full-blown consciousness, there is still a sense of immaturity and a need for further growth and transformation.

3/the third level of consciousness is the expansion of one's vision so no one is able to see and is aware of more than ones tribe. People on the third level of consciousness and work hard and persistently and their growth and development so that they are able to have a vision that goes beyond me, beyond we, to all of creation. The person with this third level of consciousness is able to see the whole world, who see the world as a global village, to see that all people are interconnected and interrelated, are able to see that all is sacred meaning the earth and all that the years gives birth to, and means of water and air are sacred, mother Earth is sacred as is all that grows him and all the animals and everything that makes up creation and all of the peoples on planet Earth. In this level of consciousness one has a worldview that is inclusive and exclusive nobody, with this level of consciousness one thinks more about other people, people with heavy burdens, refugees and migrants, the poor and the homeless.,thjose living with violence and war and death,…this indicates that with the third level of consciousness a person is mature, has experienced growth and transformation and so not only sees the world, or where the world needs help, but with a compassionate heart is quick to offer help, is ready to reach out and build a world of justice, kindness and peace.