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June 6/17 Transfiguration

This Sunday is 6/17 the Transfiguration of Jesus

Gospel: Matthew 17/1... Matthew crafts the story of Jesus going to the mountain and taking with him Peter, James and John. Near these three men experience a vision and the see Jesus in a whole new light. There is a voice coming out of the cloud saying, “this is my son, the beloved, with him I am well pleased, listen to him”. Jesus tells his disciples to tell no one about the vision they had experienced. I can well imagine the three disciples carry the secret within them, just bursting to tell everybody and yet not able to do so, and only later after attending cost would be able to tell of the experience, of their vision on the mountain and wanting to come to meet them.

Most spiritual writers tell us that the source of Jesus wisdom was threefold, first creation itself, the first Bible, and Jesus being very close to nature was taught by nature of God and the ways of God. In his storytelling, in trying to describe the kingdom of God, Jesus often drew examples from nature, for example, the fig tree, a mustard seed, the vine and the branches etc are some of the examples that he would Jesus use the same again to love God is like...

The second source for Jesus in his learning about God and the things of God came from reading the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, which was probably taught to him by his parents and rabbis in the synagogue and his own study of the Torah. The often quoted passages from the Torah, passages which he reflected on and made it part of his old wisdom that he would draw on his wisdom as a rabbi, as a teacher.

The third source was his reflection on his experiences in life. He would've reflected on the family's journey into Egypt to save his life and eventually coming back to Nazareth. He would have prayed over his loss in the temple and being reunited with his parents. There is a hidden life of Jesus and it would be doing during this time that he experienced not only the Divine, the creator, indwelling presence of God in his own heart and soul, is baptism by John the Baptist and all the other experiences which he had.

We have to understand that we have the same three sources that experience and develop a life of Jesus. We certainly have nature and creation and many many people become mystics as a result of their spending time in nature. The beautiful sun rises and sunsets, the beauty of the trees and the grass, the beauty of flowers and flowing rivers, the presence of God in all of creation, the word of God in all of creation, speak to us abundantly about the Divine presence and if we pay attention we can become a student and learned great deal of God and the mystery of God simply paying attention as we stand at or walk in nature. I think we do well to follow the example of Jesus, spent time in nature marveling at creation, and we will hear the word of God and we will learn ,we will be taught.

Secondly, we have our holy book, the Bible. At one time Catholics were discouraged about reading the Bible. There was a fear that they would start to think for themselves, that they will learn the way of God which would seem to contradict some of the doctrine and dogma of religion, there was a fear they would learn to interpret Scripture by themselves and that was a no, no. However, today we many Catholics who take a course in religion on the Scriptures. Later they use a metaphorical/historical model in order to interpret the Scriptures and they come to understand that much of the Scripture is metaphorical and is not to be taken literally. As a result Catholics are taught by the Scriptures, by his Spirit, and learn the wisdom about life and how to live life with the date and loving relationship with God. Reading the Scriptures people come to understand that they are not sinners but rather God's beloved.

Finally there is live and experience. In the Gospel the three disciples had an experience, a vision of God which opened her eyes to see what had already been there they just have not seen. As a result, they are enlightened and when the time came they had a powerful message to proclaim to the people of their time. So it is with us, it's all there is all here, we just don't say it. However, when we do have an experience if we take time to honor that experience, to reflect on it, it will broaden our minds so we see as we never saw before and as a result our faith grows, we grow in our maturity, our level of consciousness grows, and their mind expands so we see more than we'd ever seen before. We may have those kinds of mystical experiences when in prayer, when we are down and somebody comes along and raises our spirit by their kindness, but our eyes are opened and we see what has been there all the time but now we see it and if we are wise we will reflect on what we now see and when we do this in mind and heart and suspended, Jesus always reflected on his experiences, and so we do too well because and reflect on what happens to us in our daily life, and very often we will see the presence of the Creator, the love and presence of God .

Today gospel teaches us that if we really want to grow and mature our faith, if we want to mature as a human being, as a person, then Iike Jesus we have three sources that guides us, first... nature, second… our holy book... since God is the source and substance of all that is ,prayerfully reflecting g on our experiences taken with all three sources will by the grace of God deepen our relationship with God and all that God loves.