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17th Sun. Ordinary Time, All is all in all

17 Sunday in Ordinary Time: July 30/17

Gospel :Matthew 11:25…. today's Gospel is much like last week. Jesus is teaching the crowd and his model for teaching is the parable and the three parables for today speak about the kingdom of heaven and hell once a person has experienced living in the kingdom of God all the rest of life is built around God and all that belongs to God, for example, finding a treasure closes sales all he has advised the treasure, a merchant finds a special pearl and sales all he had in order to buy the pearl. Again the parable of the fisherman throwing his net into the sea and getting all kinds of fish and brings them to shore. Although three parables contained within them are full teachings about us, about all people, and the value of finding one's way into the kingdom of heaven, or the kingdom of God.

Sometimes I've asked the person who is doing very well in life... a good job, good wages, married with the family, living in a beautiful house, goes on trips all over the world, and they tell me that they are living the dream, and otherwise they're telling me that life could never be better they have enough money to buy anything and everything they want including happiness. I wonder about that.

There are so many people who live in poverty and oppression, believe in the land of violence and war, many people who are homeless and live on the street, many people left to choose between groceries and their Hydro bill, people who are experiencing broken relationships and the pain of separation, and so people with burdens just go on and on and there seems to be no end to suffering and burdens.

So in the midst of all of this, life with all its difficulties, how do we make meaning out of today's Gospel? Jesus tells us that it is possible to live the dream and the dream means a full hearted experience of God within and all round, there is the experience of prayer/meditation solo one becomes aware and awake to the God within and find that the God within and around is enough, is more than enough, to fill their heart with love and compassion, to love everything that God loves, to commit oneself to justice and peace, it really is a great growth and transformation and now one is able to see that possessions are not God, that money is not God, but a beautiful house is not God, that power and popularity are not God, that being white is not God, that being a male is not God, it is easier to say what God is not than what God actually is. I can say to you that God is the source and the substance of all that is, and yet this does not really grab your mind and heart and soul.

It seems to me that the kingdom of God, the community of companionship,(as it is sometimes called) that Jesus lived and taught is a process which we get involved in perhaps early in life, perhaps in middle-age, perhaps as a senior citizen, it seems to differ from person to person, and from community to community.

One factor in this process of finding treasure of great value, the pearl of great price, all of the fish, is for most of us a life long work. Unfortunately, the institutional church is not very helpful in enabling people to find and experience life in the kingdom of God. The message from the church is so outdated that many people find it on helpful and walk away, and try to find a source for the growth of their spirituality in some other source. Very often the functioning life of a parish is sold as dysfunctional that it is unable to in recent spirituality of the people and so we see that the parish itself needs to experience conversion and find its way into the kingdom of God, the community of companionship, where people experience the presence of a loving and compassionate God which transforms the hearts and souls of the people so that God becomes the most important relationship in my life and this relationship of God as expressed by the kindness compassionate ,and justice making ,of the community. We must never forget that the faith community as a word to do that work is to bring about the kingdom of God in the hearts of people so that they are able to manifest God to the world and help people to experience and become aware of God's presence in their life and to come to love what God loves.